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calcbooc 3.0



..planed it but never did it > the condividual c a l c b o o c 3.0.

until now it was more hypo then hyper, wasn’t it? hypo also made it stand like rooted in the web since the last page..18 months ago! but now, uffffinally, we’d like to announce that this b o o c, (y)our c-book, becomes a real dialogical hyperbooc!

..technically that what we call a blog today .. a 2.0 tool. but the fact that we started our blog before the blogs but then never found the time to give it also the blog features made that we skip now* directly to a 3.0 blog, the b o o c 3.0.

as you might have read between a lot of lines the b o o c was always meant as a kind of poetical or ”intimate copyleft diary”.. as a copy left for you, with the wish that you might want to feedback, redraw, contradict, co_propose, .., or just list, link and loop. as a ping which increases the pongability.

but the fact that it didn’t contain any blog feature doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. the question who this you is, a you who is not abstract but known to us or one of us, made it just more working outside the screens. we like to imagine that this physical relational element of ”being the net” is also what makes the b o o c 3.0 in its next version.

open for everyone to see, listen and read, but only 100% pongable within the b o o c for those yous who are mentioned, the people which are meant with their names, and the people which are mentioned by these people in their pongs…

..you’ll receive a mail when the n e w b o o c is on_!

*now? we are checking and changing ideas how and with which tools we want to b o o c on. how we can make that edited text can send easily mails and direct links to those who are mentioned, and how the “degrees of yous” (personal known you, a new you introduced by a mentioned you, a you just found/read in a book, etc.) can be defined and structurally be managed. we suppose that needs another month or two.

In the meantime see the projects behind the new icons, or ongoing works like in geografia affettiva or L-able.. or just click back into the widths of booc.01 >


c you supersoon, your calcies..

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