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feliz new year! the mill, the dogs, woody pocholo and rubber tom



..now again..its me the anonymous writer.. and i remember L.A. ..hund onlein, herrchen ebayfalls..

s_low_ly_ly_ly back to the routes > our IPline-map klingelingels these days..>

almeria >NO<.. anotherone for the drawing drawer.. >> they write that they found our proposal (see some boocpages ago..) to violent, not respecting the existing enough.. well..done.. was a good experience anyway.. we did not not respect the existing, but respected more than that.. we insist!

..pasodoble ..findeaño Luichi pincha.. e Isabel ‘tákí! eVa_omi_pocobaile_poco charla..mucha noche.. costa-rica-cama-sutra-lallallallallaaa..

..why did we talk about copyleft? because of geanet? .. and you invented this sign Isabel.. well, guess someone else has said and drawn it, but look, we did a logo.. un silogo no un nologo, un dialogo no un mono..logo..

ai..ke bueno, Paloma y Edi vienen? felizes vacaciones! como? we shall bring the NAVE to a dealable end.. start? ufffff, buena idea.. es una sikaflexchapuza! .. Edi mentions a friend in Madrid who’d like to buy a NAVE..maybe..first of all we have to ask Marco Koeppel if we can get all drawings and rights in order to work free on that problem..

..the IPline swings again..Jaume and Gemma..from barcelona.. sad-mas.. deadclauses.. or in strike, redpeace?

..eVa proposes to bake it.. the NAVE sleepinghouse.. con l a p a n a d e r i a en la p i s c i n a.. on the problems of the ‘skin’, the climate, the structure, its volumes.. por fin!

2 0 0 5.. shall be econimical effective and successfull! the year of the posponed breakfasts.. breakslows.. ol€!

..and..(p)art from belgium janswers in..

ow, http://www.kunstonline.info now directly takes you inside a revised and upgraded version of the easy/levelone interface as standard

..soon we – l a p a n a d e r i a and c a l c – are going to have our first breakfast..slow..our new platform for dealing our common tasks.. everytime more.. Teresa and omi are happy to life and work in a larger group now.. with loves who are architects, with more minds to open..ideas..desicions.. what else art should be if not starting from the other?

..Tania..air..lines..sends..greet..things ..>

Juice and omi, es decir el arquitecto Don Jesus Manrique y el artista Don Tomás Shaiidapava visit Don Manuel Bedia mayor of Navia.. our newyearwishes, from all of us from L.A. >

..sounds good.. ‘will be all done’, ‘of course’, ‘no problem’, ‘no te preocupes’.. ..’nono, nada’ – Juice will follow the process ..if the mayors words become true they’ll start in spring to update L.A.! but mayers are normally too diplomatic to say anything, they just bubble into the potential of vote-air..so we’ll be very carefull..

..mercí Nat Muller.. longlightheshadow >

5th of JAN ..~ aguri Edi, ciao Palomita.. lets find ways which cross more, mays which be more.. we’ll develop the NAVE_sleepinghous plans ‘til a good end and come back to you then ..pero ante’ no’ vemo’nsevilla’,no?!..

oops!..muttenz goes puttens! > l°°ks’s organizing a costume party, men are women and women are men..>

l°°ks’ living back home again, after so many years beeing THE casqueiro keeper and the you for everyone (even navias always-moody policeman asked omi the other day “donde esta el suizo?”) he had to leave us..and all.. to look after his problem with his knees, his body.. soon intensive physio-therapies in Basel will start and its totally open how everything will go.. how much energy this will del°°ksuate.. if we stay a team ~ try to give frames and features, and form a teleteam or if we have an art-break.. but never a heart break_art..= friendship.

..the dogs?! Alfonso our nearest neighbour, the orthodox anarchist, says ‘i’ll take care of them!, you don’t worry, i take care, you know i like your dogs’ ‘and the dogs like you Alfonso!’..omi says..and has to leave in few days..

Casqueiro will be alone for the first time then.. millhouses don’t like to be alone..they are built for working, for turning around a task.. and when you stop the wheel they become bitter..decide to be flora, play roots and suck water even from the dust..and start to stink..and to invite every weird insect-beeing you can imagine!.. but Alfonso who’ll come everyday..great, gracias amigón! ..and Juice and Alvaro and Amador got keys too and wheel up from time to time..

Tom Dale, the britspear pastes again.. seems like he’s doing rubberism now..>

bye eVa … unos dias y omito baja tambien.. nos espera un monton de año, verdad?.. first of all the breakslow 01! animo! nos vemos en pocos dias!

before omi goes he’s working on a buisness card.. for our other neighbourfriend ‘Potcholo’ Sergio, the carpenter who made all the furniture in the NAVE.. this card is a gift for him.. together with Juice from LAstudios and some other friends from the village we’ll print and pay it.. Potcholo likes this one the most.. “el carpintero imposible”..>

Potcholo is living with a very serious health problem, you know… he has to let carpeting for some months..or even years.. so this card is supposed to be a kind of medicine from his closest neighbours..

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www.despachodepan.com, cap canaveral kebab, casa + o -, a fat year


9th of JAN.. we all feel a full year arriving around and in us.. in here in l a p i s c i n a.. where shall we start?

Teresa and omi are first finishing a job for UNIDEE…> MANYDEE.. actually it was supposed.. and proposed.. to be much more interactive.. so everybody could update his own pages.. but for now its only a list-thing.. hope it serves anyway..

Marisa! only some days and you’ll go back to New Zealand!.. eVa and omi would love to visit you there in spring, early summer.. we’ll see, its expensive to fly to the other side of the world..

GRF – Jan mails again >

we have a surprise for you…

©2005 www.kunstonline.info

Dajla.. Las Dairas.. that means eVa, Marta, Bea, Reyes and Maite are presenting their so-far-project of the women house in the refugee camp of Dajla in la Casa de las Sirenas in Sevilla..>

..it really seems that they can realize this project! if they find the money.. soon you can see and read more about it.. but on l a p a n a d e r i a s website – Teresa and Rubi started to work on it!.. > www.despachodepan.com

cap kebab.. (?: this name for the extension of Sylvies, Yannicks, Zoes and Lucas Veranda came from where and how their house is at home.. on a hill, nearer to the sky and a 360° overview.. in the northwest corner of their garden stands a huge beautiful ugly antenna for celular phones.. so..)

we said to the kebabs (?: comes from a play Teresa had with Zoe and Luca..when we have been here with geanet ... all of the sudden they couldn’t stop loughing from calling everyone a kebab..mama kebab , papa kebab, shish kebab, döner kebab.. the whole family!) that we gonna send first drawings and reflections end of this month! we are doing cap kebab together.. but mainly director Rubi and mama Pi are following it..

Topo and eVa are paralell working on casa + o – . – alcala01, omi on the same task..on the graphic and siteside.. soon we’re presenting our ideas to Jaime.. the man who also believes in a partizipative architecture.. and invests in this project..

tai chi! chi kong! chi guevara! omi got as a birthday present a one month tai-chi class pass..! eVa’s going there since some months.. and loves it!.. and wants to share that.. chi is you and me what we are when we be.. omi likes itoo

17th OF JANUARY a_mail >

Hi, The magazine is a-n magazine – a leading magazine in the UK for professional visual artists. The web link is www.a-n.co.uk . I am developing some material for a-n on ‘Future Space’ – what kind of conditions will artists need to work in and to present work in in the future? My first task is to compile short profiles of forward thinking international organisations which are artist led, or support artists – these profiles c a l c has been mentioned as a potential model project, so this is an initial request to find out a bit more about you. If you have material which describes, in brief, the history of c a l c, its mission, philosophy and activities that would be great. Many thanks Paul

..we have..we send..we wonder..what will be the result..

Bregenz snows.. Curt’sending some images..they say it never wasn’t that white and dumb since manymany years..

a mail fron the kuverum people..they send some images from when miss Pi did the lecture for..with…them

Mama PI! we all are so excited.. there is a babyfruit in Pi growing..its like we all are pregnant.. like edgepregnant.. 5 moths time to get rounder and already such a biiig mama!!

22th OF JANUARY se~or de los anillos marathon night! Rubén had the idea to see the three films in one day..night..directors cut! so.. Dani brings his projector, we change the entrance into a chilloutlandscape..and watch..watch..watch.. them all – from the afternoon until the next morning..we are tired and crazy kind of couchhobits in the end.. made peace with Golum..

Marta tells about her plans to do her thesis about urbanism.. she wants to build up a kind of online-archive where she wants to add and link all different kind of investigations which are online already but spread.. and to try to build her thought on this portal-fundament..while talking we find a goodname for this saite > www.ciudata.net ..if its still free? It is..we reserve this domain.. Martanimo!

the printed geanet_booKs leave to the BCD-marseille.. we get 1000 copies! and u get u’rs downloading the PDF from www.geografiaffettiva.net

A mail from the north..Luichi got cold today..or doesn’t want to see too much… he tells omi that he found a job in a fish factory in Alaska..

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www.casamasomenos.net, lapanaderia+calc, communimage goes SF


omi proposes.. we all turn and change and try..and the logo for the casa_mas_o_menos_project’s ready, mas o menos >

..now working in the interface..miss Pi and omi..while los panaderos are working on the plans for 8 flats..we’ll be online soon, but since this is written from a now which is future seen from this pastpoint u can have a look already >


working on the marseille-project.. decidir.. describir.. this gets larger and larger.. it hugs the big tree everytime more..in few days the first PDF will fly out..

un dia historico! lapanaderia y c a l c.. reunión anual! we are collaborating everytime more.. now we do our first building projects – cas mas o menos and cap kekab.. we are a double-group! and we have lots of open questions – how we sign, how we share, ..? how we can manage being a small group doing big tasks..? this booC tells these questions and answers..little by little..

Maria Sande, la gran peke y boss of communication in solidaridad internacional calls > we should do the SI-magazine #42 very soon .. what visual metaphor we should choose this time? waters? waters! omi strarts to collect water > doing images of surfaces of waters..

mama Pi – more and more pregnant and talking to her own round belly proposes textures, to layout a weaveworld… ok..textures for #42, waters for #43..

bolzano’s calling..they need “a very short text” for the thing they want to hang next to agora03 >

a g o r a 0 3 is both: a free stage as well as an open arena. free and open to all students, professors and guests to be featured and expressed.

c a l c and Michelangelo Pistoletto 2004 (www.calcaxy.com / www.cittadellarte.it)

talking to Mr. Hapkemayer, the director of Bolzanos modern art museum and one of the curators we clarify that agora03 is GRAFFITY-FREE, that it should be free of graffities, but free for graffity; we get promised that all graffities will be just left ón the object.

isi’nstalls this one: bilbo >


and.. scott snibes again! cui in San Francisco? :

Dear c a l cies & Johannes Gees, I know it has been some time since we last corresponded. As I mentioned, the gallery we were going to exhibit “Social Construction” in closed. However, my co-curator, Abner Nolan, found a new venue which is much larger and better. The institution is called “Southern Exposure” and is one of the best respected and well-attended art institutions in the city. We have confirmed our show which will open on May 13, 2005 and close June 18. I would like to ask if you would still be willing to show your work? We have a slightly better budget, so we can offer a US$200 honorarium for your team. We should also be able to cover the printing costs. Finally, since the space is so large, I think we will be able to exhibit the work at the original size you specified – approximately 10m x 10m. Can you also send me a brief, one paragraph description of the work, and how you would like the work attributed – the precise language describing the creators of the work. After you agree, I will pass you off to the Gallery Manager, Kristen Evangelista, who will serve as your main contact. She’ll send you an official invitation letter and more details about the show. I’ve attached an image of the gallery and gallery plan. The wall we think is best is the 33’2” wall that is a vertical wall in the center of the plan. In the photograph, it’s the wall to the left, which is a bit obscured in the photo. With my best wishes, www.snibbe.com

Scott Snibbe

isi asks if we want.. together with lapanaderia..for the new space the found in Bilbao..we’d like to, but so far no time around..later..lets see..

eva meets a minister of the saharoui people..in Madrid..because of her dessert-project..see all further steps and results of this project under: www.despachodepan.com

BILDings..omi works on this idea again…to produce a white-box.. Topo called it the c a l c – postproduction – box..in which we show all “spaces” we created since we did the black and the gray box, resp. since we started to renovate casqueiro .. A-1.. layers, like a project sandwich.. which we can sell and which should relax our fridge worries.. and which first of all will inspire some questions about art.. si..you’ll see..

1st OF FEBRUARY .. now omi plays with the KUB’s new webcam.. it got a davidhockney-zoom now.. and kind of munch-filter..

..and bregenz still snows..Curt and Märle send pics from a long walk through the soundswallowing white >

Maria writes from Barcelona and sends a small image.. imagen de gracias, por las imagenes que ella recibio de su performance..te acuerdas? vuelve unas paginas y la vees cocinar sonidos..

working on geanets partnerships.. we are preapring these papers..which clearly define what u give and what u get.. but we doubt anything will work out b4 we got the prototype running..

delphine from Perpignan sends a late beautiful new year pic! >

and Fermin let us know about his this-year-Arco-presence >

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marseille > the piano, dear arnold..., SI nº 42, geofrafia affettiva ghent


8th OF FEBRUARY t h e p i a n o , no renzo but kebab! we got a first PDF- proposal for the Marseille-proyect ready.. its form made that we call it p i a n o..lets see what the kebabs think! >

scot asks for a text for communimage in san francisco.. omi writes a kind of hippiecard.. ironical ballkicking arnoldism > mr. govonor!.. goes like that:

if you’re going to San Francisco..communimage in Arnolds County!

www.communimage.net is a collaborative art project since 1999 and was developed and pre-presented in the context of the Swiss expo2002. Since then the project attempts to entertain a visual global “polylogue” and grows without any censorship or hierarchic control.

The inputs from about two thousend people from all around made that it can be seen and played today as a “city of image”. c-imagecity manifests itself as the free sparkling source code of a free-minded-love-choise-speach-information-society. Welcome to California, the cradle of this Dream!

Is it a coincidence that the proportianal relations between ‘neighbourhood-productions’ and ‘pornographic-productions’ are about the same in California and in communimage (~97:03) ? communimage is californian!

These rights couldn’t be expressed and this dream couldn’t be exposed in some countries on this globe. To be guest in realspace California with communimage means a special spatial honour to its six starting architects. We want to use this opportunity to send greetings to the Governor of the State of California Mr. Anrnold Schwarzenegger, express our respect and share with him the knowledge and the identity of a history which became comon by defending these rights.

Grüssgott Terminator! From shady Europe to sunny California, and our most honest wishes for the ray of light which lets you also see that these rights don’t end where death rows and software copyrights start, but in the free world with the violation of them with the Trailer of a Thriller.

Mr. Governor, be a real heroe again, remember your roots and do a revolution! First in yourself, then within your state and then in the whole Republican Party of the United States of America! communimage!

We don’t know if we’re also speaking in the name of the two thousend continuing architects, we hope, but actually don’t care.. communimage either, and shows that.

Thanx to all c-citizens of California and of communimage for initiating and helping us bringing this piece over, viva la communimagination! may it bring peace to the world!

c a l c Teresa Alonos Novo, tOmi scheiderBauer, l°°ks brunner, Malex Spiegel with Roger Lüchinger and Silke Sporn

..but we don’t send it… “too hippie” says the majority.. we send something cool though.. pragmatic words for a political correct arthistory.

..working on magazine #42 for solidaridad internacional layout..quarking what Maria sends and what we together decide..textures… netting.. giving image to contents in contexts ..fridgework.. one of the best we got..although its pretty bad paid, but what is bad in this correlation?

download > in spanish.. and see what SI does starting from fat NO’s > http://www.solidaridad.org/71revist.html ..the other day un tio en la Alameda was saying that all these NGO’s are just the goofy gofers of curruptionist.. ..smells like fanatic spirit, no?

..there is carneval in cadiz..Cadiz! carneval queekend in tonguetown!

12..no 13..14..15 years ago we said: we prefer working for money – having a task, a contract and a deal instead of playing the art roulette (“working for myself” serving the collectors taste) .. we said ‘quality of work depends on quality of relation’. Its time to space a booK about it..a real woodbook with theorie >< images and chapters which smell.

our working title = HANDGEBÄCK our working subtitle = from the mill to the still + vice verses.

reading for gent.. memory, yourmory, wemory.. Topo and omi will go soon..archive – memory..

vali comes! Vale.. son of sister of omi.. friend since 0! with Steffi, su amorcito! a week, a question.. Vale studies architecture.. well, right now he rather avoids its..omi told him 100 times to come to olécity..to see what we’re doing where and how…Vale doubts in 1000 colours if going towards being archi is the right thing.. the studies are completly overdozed with maths and other very abstract things for a natural born bastler like him.. uncle omi says: d o u b t ! doubt like if its an answer.. ‘and what are u doing?‘.. ‘i doubt’.

lets roll to Cadiz again.. they say they still carneVli around there! and meet Captain Carlitos.. with sista Eva, Steffi, the doubter and omi the uncle..says: ‘where there is a doubt there is a funk! and Carlitos even knows the place where words are needless.. a real funkfloor!

downtown tonguetown > amaaaazing! MEDUSSA s’called.. who knows if its always that brilliant?..best shakeclub ever! a stinknormal bar..they invested 10 potatos in ‘interior design’, a fooortune in the sound equipment and and all their lives for finding this DJ!

Vali and Steffi far from home, near to doubts, in the middle of its funcles happiness >

..all built here..whole tongue licked..if there would be still empty earth in Cadiz omi would propose to life here.. to the rest of the c’s and the p’s.. bye Cadiz..and then afta some flybydays as if they were made out of jellylove > ciao Vale, pfüate Steffi.. lets keep in teletouch.. y viva la architectura libre ;-)

22th OF FEBRUARY breakfast..slow..the internal monday-forum > today early..on thuesday.. eva, rubi, papa topo, omito y mama pi..Ghent.. big kick of now, priority task – inviting people sharing a workshop regarding the open geanet question of the memory. how to store data – why to store data? how can an digital oblivian be defined and realized?

as always the blackboard is our most important surface.. of bringing into common vision what we generate while playing with these questions.. and all we (don’t) know about it..memo_ria..la ria autoliquida..

..some weeks.. breakfasts and researches later we got these terms.. tell u later why and how, now >

..madonna! its so great – molamontón! – to be a doblegroup now.. ca_pa..pa_ca.. its like Alvaro said.. years ago..he said ‘if you paint a room by yourself it takes a day.. if you paint the same room with a friend it doesn’t take the half of the time, but much less, and the colors become stronger’..

Mama Pi and Rubi > www.despachodepan.com growing..going slow’n well..

omi sees by coincidence a kind geanet-logo on the street.. geanet..when will u be ready?

..working all on Alcalá now.. c a s a + o – . n e t and on reading..talking..writing..searching for texts and materials for Ghent..and on the extension for mount kebab..

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marseille > the bird, intereSanti > el gran pollo, sevilla scan, mama pi


4th of MARCH bon voyage mister Szeemann, adè.. . .

..and the BIRD flys to marseille… after we have sent the PIANO some weeks ago..and los kebabs feedbacked..it transformed into the BIRD..which flyes around the tree b4 he touches terracely down.> cap2.pdf ..the new structure and the tree-structure are becoming more and more one..

start to mount #42! maria! vamos! ..while miss mama pi is programming on la casa + o -..which los panaderos are programming archiwise..

7th OF MARCH.. SI #42 readyallready ..>PDF as always it was a pleasure to work with Maria Sande! la dedective de la coma escondida..

omi helps Santi to moove his bags from one house to the other.. bag to the boots.. they met..when was it? ..on this party..fiesta.. en la sala Endanza.. calle San Lois..jubilee jubaloo.. some weekwaves ago :

.. and what are u doing..? ...ufff should start to do this book, big book..but i miss some skills.. all together, just the composing missing.. u mean digital..doing the quark-file? yes right, the whole compiwork.. i like to do books.. did some small ones.. its easy..learn it..i can show you.. you layout books??? what book is it..? working title EL GRAN POLLO DE LA ALAMEDA.. reflecting on 10 years of fighting..playing..trying to make sido a better nodo.. lets have a look together, maybe we can do it together, is it a fat o a slim book..? k i k i r i k i i i !

omi never helped a bag relocation, he just knew the orthodox box processions.. sure, bags don’t need space and u always got some at home..but they are so many.. ..yeah but they are lighter.. its more stressy to box.. better bag..

Kronstadt! re_memba? for july..no way.. we should write Maria now and tell her that we can’t..not afford..in some senses..we’re proposing to come in 2006..preparing it with more time..more information > ‘a projectoffice for Kronstadt..’

Raffaelle :-) writes.. sends an interview..she said she will when omi met her in Torino some boocpages ago..for this book..big books..why are there all of the sudden big books in the big booc? we like the interview..looking foward to hold it in hands > raffaelle_questions.doc

sevilla scan.. forgot to mention sevilla scan ..ta listo already.. following an invitation from la junta de andalucia to present a project “..art and the urban.. new technologies.. new ways of doing ar..t”..

we send THAT > the idea to bring geanet in sevillas city context the first time to life.. to combine the testphase with this city and with people who life here, and move here..and to produce a paper-map at the “end”.. which shows their geanet-drawings..and well..THAT.. that

soon we want to invite them all…and tell them.. and.. then tell u..

..some updates for novaron . always a pleasure to have a brake for the wild building boys and girls from the Rhintl!

14th of March ..after proposing the flyer..and some other printings..omi leaves to L.A.- visiting friends..the dogs.. casqueiro.. workvisit.. reparing the NAVE.. it rains in the egg..

in L.A. the bridge was growing a lot… almost the whole horizon is bridged now..

..these few L.A. days omi works in LAstudio.. casqueiro is already adsl_less.. no computers left..just memoryfilled spaces and farmed out futures..

..having a reunion..Juice, Alvaro and omito… talking and taking desicions regarding la fiesta #7 en el Parque del Naranjo! the 7th already..amazing..how space times by! ..pitty that l°°ks is not around anymore.. he did it so well all these past years..

our friends Walid und Rafram, from Palestina and Israel..which we met in UNIDEE2004 meet in Jerusalem and let us know..and see a bit.. >

casqueiro’s kind of sad.. empty..the mill misses us and we miss the mill.. miss mill.

y..sevilla llorando meteorologosentimentalespiritualmente.. rainy semana santa > 23rd OF MARCH.. la. prima vera y la semana santa..

26th..omi’s back..listenting the first time to this semana santa sound..”like in a Fellini movie” he says.. swinging beween sadsad catholic pomp and anarchic alegria..

31st alcala-finished’n online.. > www.casamasomenos.net

geanet sessions with Malex and Reto..how when who.. we really are late with this intention..but what can we do, not one potential sponsor answered positive.. on a long run yes, but right now no..as we thought: no partnerships before we we dont have the prototype running.. fffffff

working on the clues for Ghent.. in la casa de Rubi.. every workshop-day Hill has its clue..and for everyday we’re preparing a kind of storyboard..sounds like that >

> clue1.doc

..we decide to work mainly with language.. “knowing” that there will be mainly language-people we want to try that.. so after the basic and the spatial geanet goes word..

mama Pi’s talking everyday more with her beautiful moonround babybelly..we all are getting more and more pregnant..and exited! fathers and mothers and uncles and aunts getting ready to bay the be..

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mr. mu, casa de las palabras, vleeshal?, the GRF experience


1st OF APRIL GRAN POLLO KICK OFF DAY ..they meet and dive deep into the material Santi brings.. in the meantime we talked a lot.. we’ll do it together.. we prepared an extra compi..mama Pi’s machine from casqueiro for that, big quark.. ..we’re deciding the basic visual structure for the book, that we want to associate kind of chicken-icons to each chapter and to visualize all chapters in a center-map..like a cartography of these 10 years the book talks about..

4th OF APRIL muere el papa.. still against the war in Irak and still against reasoning against aids….y el mundo popes out! the death of the head of the most hirarchic, rigid and biggest enterprise of the world, the catholic church, makes that world becomes an image for a while.. an image of images of popehope..adios K.W.

..el pollo..all starting structuring..taking desisions together..inventing a system with post its to have a common overview..

mister Nacho MU calls..you know, after we were buying a quarter page in his magazine for the casa + o – project he proposes to dedicate the architure page to the project.. sure, fine… go ahead..

omi and eva start to understand that they are not the wide’n deep re_lation they thought and wished they are..like all went so fast.. until emotional speeds are like flying out of the orbit..and seperate. everything, but the friendship.. and our common projects.

middle of April mama pi and uncle om meet Cristiana and Mathias because of LA CASA DE LAS PALABRAS.. another kick off, another casa..this time a school and center for all kind of language-related issues.. giving classes to foreigners, immigrants.. soon u’ll see it online.. they like what the calcies propose and they get a green freelight to just go on..

Mama Pi’s getting rounder and rounder..since months they know that its a girlfruit which grows in her…they are searching for names… names arrive by e_mail from all around… LOLA’s the favorite.. for Papa Topo at least…or MARLA…a_marla..mucho..

Bart writes .. Bart de Bear.. from MuHKA .. he got an idea > the idea that c a l c curates again.. Bart tells us that him and Rutger Wolfsen who’s the director of the Vleeshal in Middelburg-Holland are planning a kind of ‘collection-exchange’.. and that the piece they bought from Michelangelo and c a l c (uffizi porte) should be the center piece of what is supposed to be in Middelburg… curate a show in which we are the focus? hmmm, sounds impossible.. like celebrating ourselfs..but anyway: great, omi and Topo will leave to Ghent in some days anyway and omi will pass by Antwerp and Middelburg to have a look..and a talk..

Topo and omi – one day – one clue.. in some days they are leaving.. reading a lot about memory and talking about it (using memory and generating new informations) .. ‘remembering is a creative act’ is the most important we understand. these are the 5 clues / stoyboards they take.. one day, one clue >

clue 1 ~ clue 2 ~ clue 3 ~ clue 4 ~ clue 5

23rf OF APRIL going Ghent – this text went before..Jan and Lieve used it to invite people.. >

g e o g r a f i a a f f e t t i v a t h e G R F e x p e r i e n c e

c a l c c 02_2005

how can we remember something if this something is absent? the answer Sokrates gave in a platonic dialog is maybe a cultural sourcecode of what we know about memory > (wo)man, so Sokrates, owns as a gift from Mnemosyne, the mother of all muses, a board of wax, in which memories can imprint themselves like from a signet ring. whatever leaves an impression can be remembered until this impression is fading and oblivion initiates.

looking at geografia affettiva with this platonic spatial view and playing conceptual with its telematic feasibilities provokes some interesting questions and possibilities > do we have – finally – collective wax boards? > is our memory getting “better” because we can outsource it into an artificial kind of screen-brain which doesn’t fade out? or should on the contrary a system like that also have a facility to forget? and first of all > what shall that be: a collective memory?

if memory (Mnemosyne) is the mother of all muses and an individual memory only can be formed via social interaction what happens if this interaction can be mapped and contexts be seen as > a net cartography of these interactions? do our relations change and does our identity? what happens to what we call past and presence? and does the system help to project the future?

during our workshop-week in the RFG we’d like to share these questions with you and leave the result as a kind of spatial memory for the public.

since geografiaffettiva.net was developed in all its questions by bringing them on public tables also our GRF experience will > be translated onto its blog-like website and soon, when we’ll be able+ to play with the prototype, in-formed better. we hope until we meet!

c a l c > Teresa Alonso Novo, tOmi scheiderBauer, Ma/ex Spiegel in close collaboration with Re:to Stebler,

C > in collaboration with l a p a n a d e r i a RuBén Alonso Mallén, eVa Morales Soler, David Cañavate Cazorla

+ > we want to use this opportunity of paper to greet all media – workers, -creators, – inventors and – investors. please feel free and welcome to contact us and talk about a sponsor deal or even a project-conceptual partnership > calc@calcaxy.com

..of course the prototype wasn’t done until then.. too much other taks, money jobs which are everytime more interesting.. and more time gorging.. but we’ll have it on___ until end of 05 for sure! we just can’t wait any longer..

..we decided within ca_pa (c a l c and lapanadaria) to see and to inform the whole GRF-space as a huge white black-board.. everyday our circle of chairs move..from one clue to the other..and with chalks, post its and everything people like to add we in_form and deepen what the clue touches, provoces and generates through our plays and talks..

..meanwhile in Sevilla it rains surprises > the casa + o – project goes even better than we were hoping… they already sold 4 or 5 flats…the project provoces what we intended: a discussion about the misery of actual ‘social’ housing.. of course this is just a start and so many details can be improved, but it is a serious proposal to get prices and wishes more adapted to people and their needs.. the biggest problem of doing realy big steps towards a change are the realty prices.. and the sharks in the sweetwater.

Malex arrives from Zürich on day/clue 4 >


definitions collective:

a term without any mean in computer science done by or characteristic of individuals acting together; “a joint identity”; “the collective mind”; “the corporate good”

definitions memory: > an electronic memory device; “a memory and the CPU form the central part of a computer to which peripherals are attached” > the power of retaining and recalling past experience; “he had a good memory when he was younger”

how is geanet, seen as a tool for generating a visual collective memory, defined as such, if its structure is a hybrid memory between the electronic and the human memory?


in a conceptual (philosophical) way: 1 about what is “collective” nowadays (reflecting also on the GRF-space itself as an art-space (...) touching the problems of responsability, control, authorship, copyleft. 2 from the individual to condividual (attitude and backgrounds) 3 the concept of “multitud” (crowd, mass) 4 history and collective memory, differences and similarities

relations beetwen these concepts and geanet 1 community – a base concept in geanet 2 how is a community in geanet defined? 3 how can you visualize the others information and therefor generate your “personal collective memory”? 4 data bank and “probability bank” – how can geanet work as a “generator of contacts, ideas and exchanges? how can it increase the probabilty that we find each other over our problems, questions, ideas? (reflecting at this point also on our previous days regarding archive and memory – semantic and associative memory)

technical issues: 1 about the open source “philosophy” and its relation with geanet (basic distinctions in working effects between final determined closed ond basic predetermined open codes) 2 an “open software” for geanet as a principle for common memory 3 communimage – reflecting on an example of collective memory on-line (how “now-collective” created a visual collective by the programm background) 4 how to store data in geanet (touching the basic question of the week and the theme of CLUE 5: how can a data-bank forget without loosing information for its activity?).

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workshop geografia affetiva ghent, escuela de arquitectura calling, middleburg kickoff


..its the first time that we meet in such a workshopframe – first time for Topo and omi, but also first time with Malex.. and it goes well. well, it could go much better, it could be better organized, but the GRF-people have other probl€ms..fighting with moneyproblems to keep their own kunst-online-project alive..

..en fin – we brought back home what we were hoping to bring: an answer how to deal with geanets memory..there will be a kind of oblivion..data will fade out, but not completly fade away.. and can be re_membered if certain interests touch them again.. soon (..) u’ll understand by playing with this domain..

thanks..Jan and Lieve.. Tom from Brussels, Maria..Nico, Peter..all of u..who came and helped us to undestand better.. and to Simon Morris..who did a kind of contra_dictionary speach_performance the last clue-day.. showing us a project he did..re-writing Freud..

Omi, Topo and Malex having a last belgian beerevening with their hosts Lincy and Franky from the bed and breakfast place their were living these days.. they are profesors…Franky for history, Lincy for Latin..Latin? wow, we might would have learned something if we would have had such an atractive teacher..’yes!’ says Franky ‘among aaaall latin teachers in Belgium Lincy is a sex bomb!’

see u in Sevilla amig@s..bye.. first leaves Malex.. back to Zurich..bye Mali, lets do things like that more often! when will you stop working for this software company there and live with us? then Topo..back to Mama Pi and the LOLAbelly.. omi continues his trip > to Antwerp and Middelburg.. checking out this invition to curate..the people/spaces..

..while Topo and omi are waiting for the trains they see this gothic mix.. a media skyline.. last memory before their ways are ramifying.. ‘adios babba top! ‘ciao uncle funkle’ ta’ pronto en el horno andaluz’..

..and while trains roll in three directions the phone rings in sevilla.. la Escuela tecnica superior de arquitectura de Sevilla calls… they have seen what we did for casa + o -.. the website .. and they liked it so much that they want us to do the redesign of theirs.. bravo, guay..venga, nos vemos pronto pa’ hablar del tema..

...omi and Bart meet in the MuHKA.. talking about what and how they imagined to have c a l c active…okay, first omi will meet Mister Rutger and his Vleeshal, then he’ll be back to see the collection..the things from which c a l c is invited to choose..and to present..

..Middelburg ..>Zeeland..Holland.. a city like a kind of dutch Mandala.. but it wasn’t the core which gave this form, it was war.. ‘hola Rutger, thanks for picking me up’ seeing the Vleeshal for the first time > a gothic butcher-market which then became the townhall..was destroyed and renovated by the fashists and became then later the center for contemporary art >

(..the image above was done later..on the 23rd of June when omi came back.and the setting up started already..)

having lunch with Rutger (director), Angela (curator) and Kees (chief technician) in Restaurant Vriendshap.. now its clear: the piece which will fill the Vleeshal is supposed to be Uffizi Porte, which was bought by the MuHKA and which we developed with Michelangelo about 2,5 years ago.. and “around” we shall select works from MuHKAs collection.. we still cant imagine how this ‘self celebration’ could work if we’ll be the curators, but lets have first an overview on MuHKAs collection.. collect as much as possible information and discuss this problem then back in sevilla..

..omi meets Peter Verwimp in Antwerp…remember Peter? he was the cooking DJ in UNIDEE 2004 ..

..Peter’s busy.. painting a flat of a friend..Charlottes flat.. omi wants to be co_busy.. different kind of busy..so they paint together.. two nights, while miss Charlotte is somewhere in the states.. they do a good job and have fun wasting energy.. everthing’s white now.. exept one little corner on the ceiling which they leave unpainted.. like a memory_cube, a flip_space as a present for Charlotte..and the first tiny ‘common project’ Peter and omi did..good start!

2nd OF MAY going through the material of MuHKAs collection with Angela.. all they can see they see, all they can read they read.. but they can’t touch anything, they can’t see the real things, just weak virtual shadows which are definitely NOT a base for deciding.. we got a problem!

the only way to deal with that..the only one we can imagine now..is to make this problem a project.. to somehow work on this ‘archive’ which isn’t an archive as it should be..could be.. lets see it closer back in Sevilla..all together..

Peter and omi meet again.. byebye_night.. when they walk through Antwerps dark night streets they all of the sudden find themselfs in a stange surreal situation.. actually nortereal..anyway, there is this young and rich man sitting in his fat luxury car..talking to an old man who got an old rusty bike with him.. when P and o walk by, the old man, who looks like a Karl Moses Marx, asks them: ‘whats the most important thing in life’ ‘hmmm, LOVE they say almost simultaneous..’and whats that?’ says the old man..’thats the energy which makes things become alive..’ that was the keyword for the old man.. he starts and doesn’t end until P and o leave to give a speach about his universal view.. which is quite drunk..quite weird.. but also quite beautiful at this spot, at this late hour.. the young man in the car looks like his pupil.. ..good night folks.. yes, the only revolution which is left is the loveolutiuon..’bye Peter..see u soon..when i’ll be back in Antwerp and Middelburg round the 20st of June…’

END OF APRIL ..while in the streets of Antwerp these three strange man say goodbyes, mothership Sevilla got a paper ready..ca_pa proposes geografia affettiva again > Manresa.. a respond to the invitation which reached us some months ago..

4th OF MAY happy new year Mama Pi and Baby LoLa!! Pi_rthday 2day! dOOble_u_pi_piday..happy new year.. lolaño!

..but..of course omi won’t leave ant_werp be4 he didn’t meet Tom de Luxe.. remember? he was the comic_angel who helped/solved us so much when we were fighting with all these problems while setting up the MuHKA_ cittadellartearte_ show.. Tom le Grande.. ‘maybe we can colaborate again Tom?’ .. ‘would be great, let me know what i can do..’ ..’skype ya soon brotha comix!’

on his flight back omi stops in Madrid for some hours and meets ~ finally ~ Maria Sande, the communication boss of solidaridad internacional.. they became online_friends while making these maga_si_nes together..and just had to have an offlinexperience.. are they offlinefriends too? coño pues si joder :-) !..

13th OF MAY > Eva leaves to the Fidjis to meet Marisa la mama capitana..and Lois.. 3 weeks..or 4.. on the other side of the worryworld.. take good care.. enjoy.. forget about everything and bring a lot of storries with you!

..the rest of ca_pa’s working on the archi_uni web now… space-net.. spatial webbing.. arch_i_texture..we talk/play a lot about how to translate the building itself into a web..a visual information in more senses than icon_kitsch.. a navegation metaphor abstracted and pointing back to the real thing about and in which all contents are turning.. > very first sketch we did.. the groundfloors and associated fields of content ~ we’re just analyzing this whole chaos the got now..and playing on first layers..>

..for Middelburg we propose a game which intents to generate a ludic archive >

kind of “be a curator for a day play” ..

we imagine how this game can output some serious results on which the development of their archive will be easier..because the access gets streched.. in order to play the game we first of all have to develop a system..a grid in which each work has its data-bed.. do we have time to do that? only if the MuHKA and the Vleeshal agree 100% on co_risking.. first proposal we sent was that one..

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uffizi porte redraw, kikiriki, bienvenida lola marla!


19th OF MAY Mama Pi and Rubi are doing a first screen_layout..and show it today to the people from the archi_versity..they like the idea.. that we bridge the space with itself..we can go on..deadline end of the year.. big job..also a nive challenge..to try to bring space_sense into this task..but bad paid (in itself we invest again..) and what we find wwwexisting just can be better..no structure on which we can build on, nothing, a hyperdesert..we start from zero and some green and liquid imagination.. guess in two booc-chapters u can click that..

..at night > Santi and omi working on the fat chicken again > el gran pollo de la alameda.. its growing crowing, egg by egg, ping by pong..1000s of images need to be seen and selected..most texts still are between ink and send.. just a basic structure done..in which they slowly let decided contents drop in.. all people..people who got their pages in that document..who come to see what they are doing feel inspired to finally finish and bring their material.. texts which are missing.. footnotes, a-pollo seems to really blast of now.. they are confident… k i k e r i k i !

omi proposed this image above..as the cover for the pollobook…skin emotioned.. feeling what u feel, a postideological visualisation..a ver que dice la multibanda.. la banda ancha de la plaza larga..

..restructuring UFFIZI PORTE for Middelburg..it doesn’t fit the way we proportioned it for Antwerp.. but thats fine.. easy, its an elastic stucture, its meaning doesn’t lay in a final constructed drawing (‘sculpture’), but in a contexted thought which proposes to start from naked (‘framework’).. Tom helps us again..and sends after some chats this drawing.. bien, we’ll do it like that >

..+ we are looking so much forward to see these two structures together..constructing something else than the sum of its parts.. the rising gothic and the on_growing cristal..but now time is running.. we still don’t have a standing concept ready.. second proposal is this one..

www.casamasmenos.net works so well! and as better the news become (los panaderos venden pan caliente) as more critical we see this project.. how can we improve the basic idea of the relation between the right to live under a roof, the flexibility of space and price and – on the long run – to imagine architecture as an open_source_field of shared structures.. which can respond to this right and this wish? ..anyway..there are people in the line and we face the basic problem..which shows apparently everything senseless > the speculation/value of realties. where..how can we interfere on that level?

..while we wait for Rutgers and his teams feedback we compile a CD for Themes and Hudson again… miss Maria Fusco made a contact a while ago..saying that ‘they’ are working on a book about artistic_public_..well, she asked for material about the park for L.A. ..a fat orange CD leaves to London today..with nearly all images and text we got..so Maria can choose and compose her own little bookpark..the villagepeople will be happy seeing this book announced in the vitrine near the park..

..Vleeshal.. we are almost happy that Rutger can’t risk to collaborate on input_02..and understand..share his doubts ..NOW that we only miss a little month until the opening.. okay, treasure-drawer, swallow that, we have to work on input_03..which is a simple and straight proposal to show UFFIZI PORTE in the big gothic hall.. and let someone else select works for their other spaces..

..right after another immediate call from Rutger ~ we’ll work on input_03 ~ we make the invitation card >

an invite Juan to come to Middelburg to talk about his cittadellarte-experience.. as the head of the artquarter.. ‘u can come, si?’ ..’great..c u in M Juan!’..

..its June already.. > 3rd OF JUNE..a stardark and springhot sevillan night.. los Topis en casa.. Eva already on her way back from the Fidjis..somewhere over the clouds between the continents ..omi and Ruben on this concert..lokal groups en la cartuja.. beautiful night..strange night.. omi can’t hear anything anymore.. and walks home.. slow steps deep breath.. and Ruben gets knocked from his bike some hourse later when he’s on his way.. by a megacapullo hijo de tontos! with a plaster on his leg and a bond on his hand.. life is loud and violent.. as silent and open.. towards surprises which come from deepspace.. bonna notte 4 2day..

what a year.. all so open and full at the same time.. like all is starting again.. replay.. rebirth.. revival.. rescrible.. respons.. real

same night.. same town.. sevilla.. en la calle piemienta #9.. la barriga mama pi, la casita de la niña y papa top wake up..feelingknowing that 9 months a over.. con pelos y señales!..

its Lolas and Mama Pi’s and Topos birthday today!

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lola, pam, middleburg, el gran pollo



how it came that there was less time than ever to upbooc these screens? like there was no second around the whole year.. just liquid moments floating one into each other not leaving not even a thought of sitting down and typing..

sorry to all the people who came here and never found anything fresh.

two women changed lives, the live of this booc and the c a l c life radically: LOLA and PAM.. their being and love made time so liquid and the usual almost unrecognizable. LOLA swashed into Miss Pi’s and Topos live (their baby!), PAM into omis.. like a dream stepping from future and memories into a shared presence, where all was restarted.

LOLA was real-born the others were like reborn.. hold to refeel, rethink and redefine some frames and ways things went so far. and a lot changed.. again, but never so much in such a flowgo.

..and there was a mysterious auto-delete-happening which made the booc-folder disappear..and with it all our notes, mails, …so, whenever you are reading > (inboxbooc) know that the linked text or image is gone into the blind black of the hardisknirvana.

so how to go on with the booc, now that everything feels new and c a l c looks more like a bunch of babies than an old experienced whale? we decided to write this fattest and fullest of all chapter-times in a kind of telegram-way.. to not forget our own art history and to bring an idea to an end, or a new start.

we’ll take spime (space and time as one liquid..) and we’ll see what presence, the crossing of moments and qualities will suggest.. and will let u know.. until then we just will go on to update c a l c a x y with new little icons and links towards the new projects we are doing bringing on their way..

okay..lets rewind until where we stoped the flow and tell you six telegramonth for now:

5th of JUNE 2005

LOLA MARLA CAÑAVATE ALONSO, happy birthday Lolilla!

la Junta de Andalucia escribe…uiuiuiuii…sorpressorpresa > they want to help the developmento of geografiaffettiva with € 8.000.- muy bien, gracias!

omi leaves to L.A. where he’ll present a park for L.A. in the frame of the symposium Manolo Rata organizes in the local high school.. Ethics and Landscape.. > (inboxbooc)

10th OF JUNE omi’s back in Sevilla.. doing a logo for omar our friend and his little digilab in Puerto de Vega.. choose one..

..comming Märle and Curt to Sevilla..inviting their son omi > casitasmanoli.com for 4 days.. they are the first time solos.. how strange that this took 45 years.. and how good to spend these quiet talking walking days at the beach..

18th OF JUNE m+c fly home again..gracias amores!

la piscina..we’re going on realizing the website for the archi-uni.. soon we’ll send it on___ we do a 4floor-logo.. >

22nd OF JUNE – omi flies to Holland.. Middelburg.. Mama Pi, Lola and Topo byebye.. installing the wooden structure Uffici Porte in the gothic one.. there is this insectfay on the the hotel windows mosquito net..

exciting stress.. hola Rutger Director of Middelburgs contemp.art.house..and all the team!

omi meets Regina Reggie, a very nice woman from Middelburg who shows him corners and things he never would have found alone. > (inboxbooc)

when omi gets to the hotel late at night after working on the setting up of the structure he finds 6 salesmen in the lobby watching a hardcore pornmovie on the big LCDscreen..like they were watching the new years concert.. ”ooo young man, come one join us and see these lovely film with us!..” ..”no thanks, I have to sleep now”..

up in his room he switches on the TV and watches a documentary about an indian taxi driver who decided to cross all India from south to north driving only backwards.. the man explains that this way he can drive all through the past and become clear about all his memory.. switching the channel afterwards he watches another documentary about people who call themselves asexuals.. after listening for 15 minutes he believes that there are really people who never think and never enjoy sex.. are they driving backwards to?

24th OF JUNE…late at night in the directors office..

omi has to select images for the back-projection..its already 3 in the morning and he would prefer to go to sleep, but..he opens the folder from all images he and others took in the last cittadellarte-years..and types ENTER to make the program show all images random wise..lets have a first look..

the first image which opens changes his life! > PAM POPS UP! PAM?!? where are you, what are you doing, when do we meet?’ he thinks..and can’t go on working.. so much he feels touched by the memory and curiosity this image provokes! ‘PAM..PAM..how could I not have felt this whish to see you again before?’.. before implodes in a huge now. .. aiaiaiai.. .. remember? (clickback to 2003 and see the massive attack concert entry..) they met about 2 years ago in cittadellarte.. there were lightsparkles jumping between them whenever their ways crossed.. PAM was working in the economic office then.. but actually she was the most interesting artist this year > the one with the fewest fears to come out..

omi can’t stop looking at the pop-up-pam-image ‘what an amount and clear colours.. this memory..’ the same late night he can chat with Juan, his friend who works in cittadellarte..and who’s right now in Venice setting up the same structure in the biennial context…and asks him for PAMs number..he got it, he got, he got it!

Juan will arrive in Middelburg in some days..for the talk >

omi writes to PAM. ..can’t remember that an intuition ever has been so strong..or is it just a wishwave? he’s sure that they have to meet..‘to get married’ he thinks.. and loughs and falls asleep like the happy idiot who’s dream started with open eyes.

25th OF JUNE – opening > Vleeshal..a selection >

..o’s working on el gran pollo meanwhile…addding what Santi and omi decided..before leaving.. this chicken is getting an elephant.. making an enterpage for the alameda global chapter >

in Zuerich Malex’ hunting bugs, in Sevilla lapanaderia baking briks, Teresa still still at home with LOLA.. three weeks old today!

30th OF JUNE Juan arrives in Rosendaal..

he sent some images from Venice before..(inboxbooc)

1st OF JULY talk…c a l c and citta.. omi and Juan

PAMPAPAMPAMPAMails back! Bari now.. summerbreak.. surprise, northprise.. :-))))

2nd OF JULY thanks, bye, ciao Reggie.. o’s going back to Sevilla…takes 2 days.. he misses all a man can miss.. buses, planes..even taxis he misses.. missPAMissPAM..

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SI, feSt, cOntenedOr, pick up pop up pam


4th OF JULY ..hola LOLA!

..o’s meeting Santi and Vicky for the big chicken..

SI Andalucia memory 2005…Hands..> (inbocbooc)

10th OF JULY LOLA on the beach, first time ever..>

11th le gran meeting – c a l c + lapanaderia before 100 open questions.. after 103..

15th OF JULY..Mama Pi, LOLA, Papa Topi and tiOmi Are leaving to Fuengirola..for a weekend…where Topos parents got a flat..Reggie arrives the next night..visit form Middelburg! talkwalks and walktalks LOLA and nightlights and icecreams and some nicedays..in uglytown (“Marbella somos todos”) Fuengirola >

PAM, why dont u come to L.A. in August? siiiii, PAM viene!!

22nd OF JULY SI – Andalucia ready…PDF > (inboxbooc) maybe they Still got it online > www.solidaridad.org

working on las fichas…one project one page.. fichafolio..> like for example the bigguest-ficha..

we like this clear little space to store paperdata! also lapanaderia does it..actually we’re doin it for having it easier getting asked what we’re doing.. >soon< we’ll put them all on____ virtual fichafolio..

Santi leaves to Valencia ya…Vicky and omi continue working on el gran Pollo…this elephant is becoming a dino, joder!

meeting Pedro..director of sevillas theatre festival..pizzeria Mario..he wants us to do the campaign.. talking.. proposing…time? uffficult..we try..asking Dani Pony Bravo if he wants to be the graphic maquina.. bien.. Sevilla es un teatro..feSt..

30th OF JULY > omi leaves to L.A. again..wants to be there first..long busride..short massages from Alsa to Bari and Back Again..’see u on the 20th PAM!’

next day Maerle + Curt are arriving.. hola Riadna!

..Curt is painting the sleepinghouse inside.. humidity created hongoscapes all over.. the sleepegg which will contain PAM soon!

..omi’s working on the fichas again..so many..

..these people who knock on la piscinas door and who want us to do a whole shopdesign.. tutti..architecture, graphics..web..for a kind of world-kitchen-spices-shop.. Eva and Rubi present them las fichas frescas..

6th OF AUGUST ..now..Ruben and Ana arrive in Casqueiro..los Topos se fueron una semanita a Peniscola..con LOLA..a quiet beachweek…

these people say yes…’we want u to do that job..fat job! finejob, we can try and learn a lot..

7th OF AUGUST Los Topos vienen ya! bienvenida LOLA, Teresa and David!

omi is counting the days until PAM arrives! she really comes she really comes she really comes..

Franky and Lucy arrive in Sevilla…you remember? > “beyond aaall latin teachers she’s a sexbomb..” the bed and breakfastfriends from Ghent..they gonna stay in omis and Rubens flat for some weeks..

Cary and Amelie come for a week! omis sister and her daughter..que bien, despues de tanto tiempo!

sitting all together and brainstorm on what they are planning in this international cook-kitchen-shop.. el cOntenedOr – ingredientes del mundo… cOn_tenedOr we call/propose it ..our first overview-concept contains the logo too..>

Navias going mad..we never saw so many people here..the bridge grows..Casqueiros horizon s’changing from the open natural to the bridged cultural..traffical..we call it the Mc Donaldbridge..

Soto and his mother open and exhibition in Navias casino.. > (inboxbooc)

uuuuu..in few days PAM arrives in Bilbao!!.. great sunny days in Asturias…one day rain..it rains IN the UFO… going onto the roof again..fixing some little holes with sikaflex..it looks like the skinidea won’t make it any much longer..just one PAMsummer more..and the butter may fly.. omi draws a drawing for PAM..and skype it to her >

20th of AUGUST early in the morning Cary and Amelie are leaving..bye amores! omi as well as hell > 2 PICK UP POP UP PAM! .. Bilbao – fiestas ..Iggy Pop up in concert…Calatrava airport..time doesn’t exist, only this liquidnow which almost steams above this moment..which means all for omi..all omi is pamed!

PAM! blue woman with a red suitcase..welwelwelwelcome! they hug the hug the hug.. bienvenida PAM, grazie per venire.. .. Augustin from Colombia realized his big hamaca.. > (inboxbooc) ... love is the only existential option we got left.. and the last chance for a revolution.

27th Santiago de Compostela con Palma (PAM = Palma Angela Maria)..and omi.. meeting Jose and Marta by chance..

Casqueiro con los Topis y los Scheidis living long lightdays..

Eva alone in homebase Sevilla and in all negociations.. ..in the space where the cOntendOr will be realised..

..was a bookshop.. a shelfstore..

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san antolin nº7, archiweb, el tinglao, l-able


back in Navia… Mama Pi and omi scanning for cash for the 7th village party of L.A. Ruben does this years poster

PAM is doing this years ‘pancarta’! ..

after a week living the egg her and omi decide to live together.. to egg on.. ‘perfect moment’ says the moment, ‘to jump into wide waters’.. they are going to find a flat in Sevilla!

que raro.. without Looks this year..first year celebrating the lousy beloved village without its official illegal mayor.. everybody asks “que tal Lukas??”.. no one “que tal tu?” if thoughts could be seen, Looks would be the most present `

2nd OF SEPTEMBER la settima fiesta de San Antolin! ..y la primera con PAM..Pamantolin!

A park for L.A. is our best pro_ject.. earthcanvas for a revolutionpainting.. we start to thinktalk about A satellite for L.A.: a skycam which let you perceive what the net really is.. con las gaiteras de taramundi ademas! .. 4th > Santander .. PAM leaves.. summer ends.. Sherlock Palmes & Pino Cretino hug again, hugain and hugain.. ‘encontraremos un piso en sevilla!’

5th two rented cars oiloff direction Oviedo-Leon-Madrid-Sevilla..ruta de la pata.. LOLAstops in highwayheat >

car one – Ruby and omi..talking about FEST…sevilla es un teatro..y de los cOntenedOres esos.. car two – LOLA, Leonard Cohen, Red Hot Chilli Pepes, Neil Young, the Doors and los Topis!

Curt and Maerle are leaving one day later.. kissing Casqueiro goodbye, the goodghosts go, adios amores..hasta ahora. Loop and Camela, the doghosts, r’the only ones in Casqueiro now..

..Sevilla..where times shrinks again..tics again..where one day is almost never two days or three..like in L.A. at the greencoast..when honey becomes ornament..

PAM where are u?

OCTOBER..El Gran Pollo de la Alameda – omi and Santi (los interesantis) back on the book! this dino is getting a kingkong! they started with around 260 pages and are quarking straight-control-altwards to 400..

5 scrrrolls down you canclick the PDFollon de la Alameda..

..todos trabajando mucho en lo del cOntenedOr.. Rubi proposing pup-up-containers, Teresa and omi researching and giving forms to ideas..making more a whole this hole..

Consol mail/link/show…(inboxbooc)

...starting to look for a pamomiflat!

escuela de arkis ON_!

Judith mails a manydeemail..news are online now ..

communimage in Friesland..

el Gran Pollo! 900 images added! Huevoluja! ..4,8 scrolls..

..days run, weeks fly.. sevillatime

NOVEMBER ..all notes gone..all booced notes autoerased by – we guess – the intelligence of microsoft, its masters oblivion >


fatflat-fullluck! they find > omi in town, PAM in telebari – a huge space, fair price.. perfect to start the adventure of trusting their feelings and share live.. avenida de cadiz 13..PAM arrived! within few crazy mudanza-days – also going to L.A. to bring things from there – they are installed, ready to be@home>

geografiaffettiva..working on the parameter-mask..

c a l c and lapanaderia is invited to an arqui-uni in Barcelona..Rubi, omi and PAM are going.. omi looses his wallet with everything inside..well..too exited..

.. DEZEMBER el gran pollo de los conpoller@s de la huevolucion! Big lost, shocknight.. just when we want to save the almost-done-version we loose about 150 pages.. everything.. Santi takes it easy, omi takes it heavy, in learn we trust..’joder no lo creo..’

el cOnenedOr la ropa de Pam.. first colaboration with Pam.. goes very well..like we never didn’t share those problems..in some weeks we inaugurate this shop..>


caS.. el Tinglao del gran pollo de la Alameda..starting to check out the space, outlining ideas..meeting the director Pedro G. and looking forward..PAM’s also part..she got good ideas, like: making stencils of all book-chapter-icons and inform the related real-corners downtown with them..you’ll see >

feSt..Teresa and Dani working hard in all applications..Pam does a t-shirt with the elements they developed..

..seeing that they like to reinvent practicles of life (like kitchentools and livingrooms..) PAM and omi create a new “firm”..a new platform where things can go.. things which just landed in cupboards so far.. > l-able..lo que hace falta

..and happyhappy newnewyear Pampam!

NAVIDAD..NEW YEAR..2006 happy new yes to all of you.. may time become space.. almost 07, amazing how these seconds triphop!

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