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meeting gernot tscherteu


Comix-performance (1000 live-graffitis) in the music club “Triciclo”, Navia.

Production and Coverdesign for the trash metal band “Xplosiv Joint”, Navia.

Film programme in the House of Culture in Castropol in collaboration with “Ambasaguas”

“Salto”, concept for a “Hotel as an interface between nature and culture” in Grandas.

Gernot Tscherteu, interface designer from Vienna, comes and stays for a half year.

Concept and interior design for the Music bar “Blue Box” as a platform for the local scene and for c a l c, opening exhibition together with Gernot T.

Organizing various concerts and exhibitions in the Blue Box.

c a l c gives a multimedia workshop during the “Week of Culture” in Navia’s high school.

In May we start to renovate Casqueiro, at the same time the work with Gernot T. starts “Interfacedesign for CALC

Concept and realisation of the bar Pasodoble, we’re painting a huge “comic-fresco”.

Open-air-cinema in the Pasodoble (organisation togehter with Ambasaguas).

We’re doing the illustrations and the graphic design for a childrens-song-book “King Black & White and King Hum” (with Ulrich Gabriel – Unart productions, Austria).

Concept for “Bar Castro”, Coaña, Asturias

On the 18 of december we’re moving into the mothership Casqueiro.

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