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first year in navia


We rent the “octavo”, the eighth and last floor in the only skyscraper in Navia. Installation of the “telematic laboratory” in a room with 20 m2.

Conceptualization for a culture-magazine “Entretanto” (inbetween).

“Stampictures” – development of two installations for the company Glatz, Bregenz, realisation in december.

“Bildsprachen” (image languages) – exhibition in the Gallery Haas, Dornbirn. In form of a “Fax-sculpture”, we’re present.

Calc wins a video competition, organized by the asturian goverment, for a rock-music-clip. Realisation of different labels for spanish wines.

Painting the board of Navia’s football pitch with advertisements (completely out of money…).

Designing t-shirts for Navia and its “fiestas”,

Designing the cover and producing the clip for the rockband,

Designing a mail-art-stamp-series (90 stamps) for the Company Glatz.

Live-video-performance in the music club “Triciclo”, Navia.

Organisation of Fatima Mendez’ exhibition (painting) in the House of Culture, Navia

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