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projects – en mundo (selection)


communimage re:Vision Re-programming and extending communimage’ features for its re-launch in the MOMA of San Francisco autumn 2008 http://www.communimage.net/


y – land A collaborative web-project for Israelian and Palestinian children based on the hexagon as the basic form of this two peoples cultures http://www.y-land.net (only internal until launch)


L-able A platform for ‘social design’ initiated by Pamela Campagna and founded by her and omi from c a l c. http://www.l-able.net

el gran Pollo de la Alameda Concept, layout, design and translation to the real space (graffiti) of the history of 12 years of initiatives to conserve the freedom of a square http://www.elgranpollodelaalameda.net

sevilla_scan prototype of geografia affettiva, patronage from La Junta de Andalucia – http://www.geografiaffettiva.net

geografia affettiva – the prototype workshops for sevilla_scan with different collectives of sevilla to understand their needs and how they could enrich the prototype. http://www.geografiaffettiva.net

el tinglao 4×8 meter „live-cartography“ during the exhibition in th caS, sevilla (centro de artes, Sevilla), which allows the public to inform this cartography with special developed symbologies. this symbologies facilitates the public to express their needs and critics related to their living aerea (la Macarena, San Luis und La Alameda). in collaboration with Palma Campagna and El Consejo de la Redacción del Gran Pollo de la Alameda. http://www.elgranpollodelaalameda.net

architecture week Yorkshire Artist house – Leeds, workshop reflecting urban situations (voidages) and interventions (proposals) in the periphery of Leeds in collaboration with Palma Campagna, Laura Quarmby and Bryan Davies http://www.bryanandlauradavies.com


Social Constructions – a moment in time V communimage in San Francisco curated by Abner Nolan and Scott Snibbe 13th of May – 18th of June 401 Alabama Street – San Francisco CA 94110 www.soex.org

geografia affettiva – collective memories http://workshop.kunstonline.info workshop in Gallery Richard Foncke, Ghent on the question of geanets and kunst onlines way of storing, accessing and forgetting data 25th – 30th April, GRF, Spijkstraat1, Gent www.kunstonline.info

casa mas o menos – Alcala-01 a (first) project for partizipative architecture in Alcala – Sevilla, in collaboration with l a p a n a d e r i a (www.despachodepan.com) www.casamasomenos.net

Internet Art Edited by Rachel Green Thames & Hudson world of Art ISBN: 0-500-20376-8 www.thamesandhudson.com


agora03 a sculpture for sitting and meeting and .. in collaboration with Michelangelo Pistoletto installed in “Freie Universitaet Bozen”, Italy PDF http://www.unibz.it

METHODSRESEARCH PROJECTS ON ART-SOCIETY RELATIONS 2,3 october, cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italia http://www.lovedifference.org/it/news/metodi_ws.htm

UNIDEE + geografia affettiva 27.09 – 09.10 workshop cittadellarte, Biella, Italia http://www.cittadellarte.it

webcam.ping (pong) Gallery Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz, Austria and L.A., USA PDF http://www.galerie-lisihaemmerle.at

visions of paradise Gallery Joa Ferreira 09 – 31 march Cap Town – South Africa http://www.calcaxy.com/now_here/

BCD + geografia affettiva BUREAU DES COMPÉTENCES ET DÉSIRS – workshop 20 – 28 of march, Marseille, France http://www.geografiaffettiva.net/

l a p i s c i n a january > new c a l c babyship in Sevilla sharing a studio and projects with l a p a n a d e r i a http://www.despachodepan.com


el puente – orilla-orilla.net Centro Colombiano Americano, Medellin (November) in colaboration with Juan Esteban, Cristina Mirandola Natalia Restrepo, students of various faculties and cittdellarte.

Michelangelo Pistoletto & cittadellarte & M HKA Antwerp, 04.10 – 30.11.2003 conceived and curated by c a l c and Roni Van de Sompel http://www.muhka.be

curating degree zero – Basel http://www.curatingdegreezero.org

critic is not enough – arte al centro Shedhalle Zürich

c a l c + geografia affettiva one week workshop. art academy Perpignan (June)

mamila p°°l – arting jerusalem, Jerusalem PDF

UNIDEE – 2003 – fondazione pistoletto july – oct. 2003 http://www.cittadellarte.it


communimage – a moment in time VI > XXIV Biennale de São Paulo

curating the guestland of the 3rd Biennial of Torino – BIG Torino 2002, Big Social Game bigguest.net

UNIDEE – year 03 – again mediators during July and October http://www.cittadellarte.it/unidee/index.html

communimage – a moment in time VII > ART FUTURA 2002, Barcelona: “web as canvas” http://www.artfutura.org/02/index_e_02.html

the BOO© the calcurriculum got a new name and interface


spirit level (wasserwaage) in close collaboration with Curt Scheiderbauer travelling play-sculpture (water, metal, sound) for AUA EXTREMA, the western swiss pavillon for swiss Expo.02 PDF

BIG Torino 2002 – Big Social Game members of the artistic committee and curating/coordinating bigguest.net, BIG’s “guestland” 2002 bigguest.net

UNIDEE 2001 working 2 months as mediators in the University of Ideas in Biella, Italy http://www.cittadellarte.it/unidee/index.html

communimage – a moment in time IV in collaboration with Johannes Gees, videobrasil-13th international electric art festival, São Paulo, Brasil http://www.videobrasil.org.br

communimage – a moment in time V enzimi-festival, Rome


communimage – a moment in time I in collaboration with Johannes Gees, Kunsthalle Bludenz, Austria

spacePlace lebenskunstwerke – kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria www

communimage – a moment in time II in collaboration with Johannes Gees, Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico http://www.communimage.ch

SANDpit in collaboration with Michelangelo Pistoletto, Museum AR/GE Kunst – Bolzano, Italy PDF

UNIDEE 2000 working 2 months as mediators in the University of Ideas in Biella, Italy http://www.cittadellarte.it/unidee/index.html

firstBOX in collaboration with Curt Scheiderbauer during sons & fathers, Cittadellarte – Biella, Italy http://www.calcaxy.com/father_son/index.html


communimage – the amazing expanding image! for the Swiss Expo02 http://www.communimage.ch

a park for L.A. (“LKW – Dinge zwischen Leben, Kunst und Werk”), O.K.Linz, Austria http://www.ok-centrum.at/carteblanche/carteb.html

IL ARTE AL CENTRO 99, Cittadellarte-Biella, Italy http://www.cittadellarte.it

OneDROP – Segno Arte in collaboration with Michelangelo Pistoletto during “Get together – Art as teamwork”, Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria

DROPone – flexible net tent tendopoli telematica, Cittadellarte- Biella, Italy PDF


timeCloud I Internet-nomade-architecture, Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy http://www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at/kubuse/timecloud/tc_I/index.html

timeCloud II Internet-installation, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria http://www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at/kubuse/timecloud/tc_II/intro.html


EINFLUSS – Rheinart 97, Au-Lustenau, Switzerland, Austria

N.A.V.E. Net Access Virtual Embarking, Kunst in der Stadt 97, KUB Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria http://www.kunsthaus-bregenz.at/kubuse/nave/welcome.html


Cartografia, Gallery Museum Ar/Ge Kunst – Bolzano, Italy


Jardines Firmados, Galeria Marta Llames, Oviedo, Spain


doing jobs in calc diseño C.B., Navia, to finance our lifes and projects, mainly the infrasculpture calc