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projects in sito

I n f r a s c u l p t u r e > Casa Casqueiro, L.A. Las Aceñas > Navia, Asturias, Spain, Torino, Italy, and now > Sevilla, Spain


sexta fiesta de San Antolin in the park for L.A.

doing a dossier about casqueiro..short history for potential buyers


quinta fiesta de San Antolin in the park for L.A.

building the 6th terrace of casquiero in collaboration with Amador el Pescador next to studio2

moving the 2nd infrasculpture from Torino to Sevilla > c a l c – babyship “la piscina” sharing the studio and first projects with l a p a n a d e r i a


starting the planning for “el matadero” > transformation of L.A.’s old slaughterhouse into a “information center/bar/stage/cinema/ disco”, continuing the installations for the park of L.A. > “el paseo naranjo” in collaboration with Jesús Manrique.

“cuarta fiesta de San Antolin” in the park for L.A.

Judith Mala Wielander gets a calci!

BABYSHIP Torino – we set up a second infrasculpture in Torino, Mothership was expecting long enough!


Construction of Chabola, the bikehouse, in colab. with Pablo Carrera, starting plans for Luks sleepinghouse and the re-re-building the mill, interior fittings for NAVE, the sleeping house

“tercera fiesta de San Antolin” in the park for L.A. – installing the road sign: PARQUE DEL NARANJO


Finishing Studio2, changing the digital network (hardware) of c a l c in collaboration with Martin Roth and Malex Spiegel

“segunda fiesta de San Antolin” in the park for L.A.


Beginning the construction of Studio2, in collaboration with Curt Scheiderbauer and Fred Fürholzer

concept and realisation – park for L.A., in collaboration with Silke Sporn and Alvaro Garcia Lanza

“primera fiesta de San Antolin” in the park for L.A.


Construction of Casita, second living house, in collaboration with

Märle and Curt Scheiderbauer and with Alvaro Garcia Lanza and Pablo Carrera.


Construction of NAVE – the sleeping house, in collaboration with Marco Koeppel

concept and realisation of ALTERNATIVA, a bar for Navias harbour in collaboration with Hilario Suarez and friends.


Construction the Chiringuito – first part of the summerkitchen

concept and realisation of PASODOBLE, a bar for Navias beach, in collaboration with Curt Scheiderbauer and Manolo.


Installation of a telematic laboratory.

Development of c a l © a x y – virtual studios for digital artesans in collaboration with Gernot Tscherteu and Malex Spiegel. Translation and/or development of all c a l c projects under http://www.calcaxy.com

concept and realisation of BLUEBOX, a culture club for Navia in collaboration with Gernot Tscherteu.

Malex Spiegel becomes a (semi)calci.


Renovation and transformation of the mill into the “infrasculpture c a l c”, in collaboration with Alvaro Garcia Lanza.


Purchase of an old millhouse (name:Casqueiro) in Navia, nothwest Spain and founding of c a l c – casqueiro atlantico laboratorio cultural as a group of artists, a cultural association and a design company (c a l c diseño C.B.)


Concept for an “interactive studiosculpture” or “infrasculpture” during a stay in the Sinai, Egypt.